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Casa di Fiaba — picture book about houses and homes.

“Home is where your heart is. Or your heart is where your home is. Fire burns where your home is, so your home is also where the fire burns. Home is filled with dreams and magic. Home is where it is nice to leave from, but even better to get back to. Sometimes a home is carried with you. A home on wheels.

It is my pleasure to show the first children's book that I illustrated: a poem in Italian about homes and different kinds of houses by Giovanna Zopoli, published by lovely Topipittori.

Home, hem, hjem, heim, Haus, casa, kodu, koti, domicile. All so different, but protecting and comforting. Such a big sorrow to loose a home. Such a force to build a new one. All the history of one house and its tenants. Our nests.”

The illustrations of the book won the second prize in the Mikkeli 10th Illustration Triennial in 2014.

The text in the book is in Italian.
Written by Giovanna Zopoli.
Illustration by Anna Emilia Laitinen.
Publisher: Topipittori.
ISBN:978 88 89210 97 0
Printed in Italy.