I Dream -print


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  • Image of I Dream -print
  • Image of I Dream -print

I Dream, a typography poster made of painted flowers and handwritten words.

Dreams take us further, they make us to do and feel. Dreams comfort us. Dreams make us happy and to understand our life. They reflect our lives. Dreams can be small or big. I can dream of a cup of tea or of a neighbourhood without sad faces. Dreams are moments, they come and go. We try to reach them. They lead us.

Dreams can be of a better tomorrow or a longer health. Still they don´t need to change anything. We can dream that this moment continues. We should have the same rights and possibilities to dream of the same things, we should be equal when dreaming and trying to fulfil them.

Even though I do not sign any specific religion or ideology, I think that "I have a dream" is one of the most beautiful sentences that we have on this earth.

"I Have A Dream" was originally the title of a public speech by American activist Martin Luther King, Jr to call for an end to racism in the United States.

Size 20 x 28,3 cm / 7.87 x 11.14 inches. Digital print on glossy photography paper. Signed by hand.